Sunday, October 23, 2011

Understanding the difference between Object Drawing Mode vs Merge Drawing Mode in Flash - PART 2 - Flash CS5 Beginners Tutorial

When you create shapes using the rectangle, oval and polystar tools, you'll also have the option to work in either the object drawing or merge drawing mode. And just like in the examples we created in the first part of this tutorial series, these rectangles, ovals, polygons and star shapes will behave differently depending on the drawing mode used to create them.

Step 1

Create a new Flash document.

Step 2

Select the Oval tool.

Once it's selected, you'll see the object drawing mode icon at the bottom of the toolbar as well. Just like with the brush tool, you can turn the object drawing mode on or off by clicking on it.

Step 3

In the properties inspector:
  • choose a stroke color and a fill color (make sure you choose different colors for each)
  • set a stroke height of 10
  • choose the solid style

Step 4

Draw two circles on the stage - one on the left and one on the right. The one on the left side should be drawn in the merge drawing mode, while the one on the right side should be drawn in the object drawing mode.

Step 5

Choose the selection tool, then click and drag the object drawing circle on the right side to a new location. Just move it anywhere you'd like as long as it does not cover the circle on the left.

When you do this, nothing out of the ordinary happens. You'll be able to move the circle to a new location, just like you'd expect.

Step 6

Now, let's try to move the merge drawing circle on the left.

First, position the selection tool somewhere in the center of the circle.

Then click and drag to move the circle to a new location. When you do this, you'll see that the stroke gets left behind.

This is really how merge drawings will behave. With merge drawings, the stroke and the fill are treated separately. If you click on the fill, then it's only the fill that gets selected. If you click on the stroke, then its only the stroke that gets selected.

With object drawings, all you have to do is click anywhere on the shape, and the fill and stroke are automatically included in the selection. However, if you double-click on it, then you end up going inside the object drawing where you can select the fill and the stroke separately. And as always, remember to go back to the main scene after you're done editing inside the object drawing.

Step 7

So what do you do if you have a merge drawing, but you'd like to select both the fill and the stroke?
To do this, you can use the selection tool to click and drag a selection area that covers the entire shape.

Or you can also hold down the shift key on your keyboard, which lets you make multiple selections. While holding down the shift key, click on the fill, and then click on the stroke in order to select both.

In part 3 of this series, we'll learn why the terms merge and object were used to define these drawing modes.

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